Experts' Choice Award 2016 to Vesikko Submarine

National Defence University 28.9.2016 9.55 | Published in English on 4.10.2016 at 15.38
Press release

The Vesikko submarine has been granted the Experts' Choice Award of 2016. The award is given based on reviews in major travel guides, magazines, and newspapers. Annually, hundreds of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions around the world compete for the award.

This year Experts' Choice awards went to venues in 80 different countries that have surpassed their peers in reviews. Reviews written by professionals have been gathered from more than 70 different sources.

Visit Vesikko

Vesikko has been renovated during the last few years and it is open for visits in summer and early autumn on the island of Suomenlinna in Helsinki. In connection with the renovation, a soundscape was created for Vesikko: visitors can hear the running sounds of the engines, the crew commands and the sounds of a torpedo attack.

The submarine, pendant CV-707, was built in Turku for Germany and launched in 1933. Finland bought the submarine in 1936 and she was named Vesikko. Together with four other submarines, Vesikko took part in the Finnish Winter and Continuation Wars, 1939-1944. Vesikko was Finland's only submarine to sink a surface vessel by torpedo. After the war Vesikko was the only Finnish submarine that was not scrapped. After extensive renovation it was open to the public as an exhibit of the Military Museum in Suomenlinna in July 1973.

Vesikko is visited by 30,000 people annually and it has had over one million visitors since it opened. This year Vesikko closed on 2 October, it will open again in the spring of 2017.

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