Russia Seminar 2020 – SAVE THE DATE

National Defence University 24.1.2020 14.36
Press release

The Finnish National Defence University (FNDU) will organise the third annual Russia Seminar on 2 April 2020 in Helsinki (Santahamina), Finland.

The main theme of this seminar is the Russian concept of deterrence (sderzhivanie). The seminar will consist of two keynote speeches, one in the morning, and another one at the end of the seminar day. The two parallel sessions will focus on the Soviet and Russian views on deterrence and the classical Russian military thinkers. The working language of the seminar is English. The seminar is streamed online in real time.

Deterrence in the Past and in the Future  
The topics discussed will include: Soviet nuclear and conventional deterrence, legacy of Soviet nuclear strategy, Russian cyber deterrence

Classics of Russian military thought
The topics discussed will include: Soviet principle of aktivnost in warfare today, continuities in the Russian military thought, Ogarkov period and its legacy in Soviet and Russian military thought

The registration for Russia Seminar 2020 will open on 9 March 2020 at 12:00: