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National Defence University


Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, we are regrettably obliged to cancel the Russia2020 seminar and postpone it to the spring 2021. 

08.30–09.00 Registration and coffee

09.00–09.15 Opening of the seminar and administrative remarks, Vladimir Panschin (FNDU)
Opening speech, Rector, Major General Jari Kallio (FNDU)

09.15–11.00 KEYNOTE (30 min), Kristin Ven Bruusgard (University of Oslo): Russian concept of deterrence

                     Panel discussion
                     Chair: Marko Palokangas (FNDU)
                     Panelists: Gudrun Persson (FOI), Michael Kofman (CNA), Pentti Forsström (FNDU)

11.00–11.15 Coffee

11.15–12.45 Parallel sessions: Deterrence I & Russian Classics I

13.00–14.00 Lunch (Restaurant Ignatius, 150 m walking distance)

14.00–15.30 Parallel sessions: Deterrence II & Russian Classics II

15.30–15.45 Break

15.45–16.30 KEYNOTE (30 min) Arash Heydarian Pashakhanlou (FHS)

                     Chair: Tommi Koivula (FNDU)

16.30–16.40 Closing remarks, Petteri Kajanmaa (FNDU)

16.45–18.00 Wine reception, Santahamina Building




Lection Hall Itälinnake at Santahamina Building

  • Chair: Michael Kofman (CNA)
  • Irina Bystrova (RSUH, IRI RAN): Nuclear and conventional deterrence: Soviet doctrine and reality in the practice of the Cold War
  • Edward Geist (RAND): Before Sderzhivanie: Soviet nuclear Strategy and its Legacy
  • Pentti Forsström (FNDU): On the development of the Russian deterrence


Lection Hall Tutkamäki at Santahamina Building, 2. floor

  • Chair: Petteri Lalu (FNDU)
  • Gudrun Persson (FOI): Russian views on future wars - the legacy of A.E. Snesarev
  • Rod Thornton (co-writer Marina Miron) (Kings College): Soviet principle of aktivnost' in  warfare today
  • Lester W. Grau (FMSO): Continuities of Russian Military Thought, Military Reform and Military Strategy




Lection Hall Itälinnake at Santahamina Building

  • Chair: Katri Pynnöniemi (FNDU & UH)
  • Clint Reach (RAND): Russian Views of COFM (assessed correlations of forces and means) and Nuclear Deterrence
  • Stephen De Spiegeleire (HCSS): Dissecting Russian Deliberations and Demonstrations of Deterrence
  • Maija Turunen (FNDU): Russian Cyber Deterrence



Lection Hall Tutkamäki at Santahamina Building, 2. floor

  • Chair: Lester W. Grau (FMSO)
  • Aleksei A. Kilichenkov (RSUH): Tank Forces of the Red Army in the 1930s - The first attempt to Create a Tool of Deterrence 
  • Daivis Petraitis (MOD, Lit): Centralized military approach (Russian General Staff) as a recent Russian military philosophy
  • Precious N Chatterje-Doody, University of Manchester, Politicians, people, power: RT and the curation of global news