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Greetings from the organisers

The goal of the Russian seminar is to increase discussion of Russia’s military and security policy and to offer a meeting forum to Finnish and international researchers.

The seminar, held for the second time, will begin with a keynote, which will be followed by a panel discussion of possible threats in Russia: What kinds of basic assumptions guide estimates of Russia’s military strategy in the current situation? How has the mindset of Russia’s military strategy changed in recent years? What can we learn from Russia’s recent military activities?

Two side-by-side sessions in the afternoon will focus on cybersecurity and the security policy.

The afternoon keynote will link the approach of military strategy to Russia’s history and evaluate the historical roots of Russian nationalism.

The seminar’s organisers are the Department of Warfare of the National Defence University and the Aleksanteri Institute, together with the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats. The Mannerheim Foundation supports the organisation of the seminar.