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General Staff Officer’s Degree

The General Staff Officer's degree is a post-graduate degree for officers. The primary task is to train general staff officers for the Defence Forces and the Border Guard who have the knowledge and skills as well as prerequisites for conducting research required for senior officers' tasks in normal and emergency conditions.

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The General Staff Officer's degree is aimed at officers who have completed their Master's degree. For special reasons, applicants who have another Master's level degree and who are otherwise found to possess the necessary knowledge and skills for these studies can be accepted to complete this degree.

The General Staff Officer's degree is awarded after the General Staff Officer Course, which lasts approximately 2 years. The studies are conducted as common studies for all and as service specific (Army, Navy, Air Force and Border Guard).

Degree Structure

The General Staff Officer's degree comprises at least 140 ECTS. It contains the following modules:

  • General studies 5 credits
  • Strategic security environment 25 ECTS
  • Leadership and commandership 31 ECTS
  • Operational art 60 ECTS
  • Applying scientific practices 35 ECTS