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Russia Seminar 2024

The Finnish National Defence University organized the sixth annual Russia Seminar on 14-15 February 2024 in Helsinki (Santahamina), Finland. The aim of the international seminar was to increase discussion on the Russian war against Ukraine and produce new knowledge on Russia's military policy, military thinking and power.

The main theme of Russia Seminar 2024 was Russia's War Against Ukraine - Complexity of Contemporary Clausewitzian War. The seminar focused on the complexity in relations between the three concepts: state, armed forces and war. The presentations looked into topics such as Russian strategy and political objectives, military thinking and power, resources for warfare, civil - military relations and art of war to name a few.

The seminar was organized online for the audience. You can watch the seminar recording on the National Defence University’s Youtube channel. The working language was English.

The National Defence University’s annual Russia Seminar is the leading research forum on the Russian military domain. In addition to adducing research information, the seminar has an aim of bringing Finnish and international researchers on Russian military and security policy together and promoting discussion on research on Russia. The topical information accumulated at the seminar will be integrated into teaching on all the National Defence University’s degree levels.

Next Russia Seminar will be organized on 11-13 February 2025.

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