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Strategy 2020-2025

In 2025 the National Defence University is a widely networked expert of military theory of the future. We train and educate experts for the Finnish Defence Forces and the Border Guard, and our research supports the long-term development of the Finnish Defence Forces as well as the decision-makers of Finnish society. In short: we are at the forefront of military sciences and the art of war.

The 2020-2025 National Defence University strategy has been drafted together with the university community and our central interest groups. The activities of the National Defence University are based on the values of the Defence Forces: patriotism, professionalism, justice, responsibility, reliability and cooperation. In practice, these values can be seen in our eight principles.

In our activities we focus on three of our main functions, which are education, research, and societal impact. We have defined strategic goals for these functions for 2020–2025.