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MAPS1 research project looks into defence-related knowledge

How and with what kind of information do citizens form their views and opinions on national defence? In the MAPS1 research project in Military Sociology, we study this by looking into into what kind of defence-related knowledge is disseminated to different strata of the public in Finland. The project also investigates how the dissemination of defence-related content may be developed in the context of changing horizons of security policy.

In this research project, we study and develop different approaches to the role of defence-related knowledge, training and education in how citizens form their views on national defence. The project includes three sub-studies on defence-related teaching and training. For example, content for young people will be examined by looking at courses offered in secondary level education and voluntary organisations. Other empirical contexts include the survey and communication activities of the Advisory Board of Defence Information and the textbooks of the National Defence Courses aimed at the Finnish elite.

The research project is funded by the Support Foundation for National Defence and it will be carried out in 2020-2022. The project is led by Teemu Tallberg, Professor in Military Sociology, and Dr Linda Hart and Dr Miina Kaarkoski are employed as post-doctoral researchers. 

Findings of the project will be written up as academic and popular articles in Finnish and English.