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Doctoral Studies

The Doctor of Military Sciences degree is a postgraduate degree in military sciences. The objective of this degree is conducting research and science as well as producing new researched data to support teaching and decision-making and to develop military science.

Doctor's top hat

The Doctor of Military Sciences degree is aimed primarily at officers who have completed the General Staff Officer Course. For special reasons, a person who has completed a suitable Master's or higher degree at the National Defence University or other university can be accepted to study towards this degree.

A doctoral degree in military sciences can be taken in the following disciplines:

  • leadership
  • Operational art and tactics
  • Military history
  • Military pedagogy
  • Military sociology
  • Military technology
  • Military economics
  • Strategy

Degree Structure

The extent of the Doctor of Military Sciences degree is 70 credits. In addition to studies, a thesis is also written.

  • General military sciences studies (maximum 20 credits)
  • Studies in one's own field of research (maximum 60 credits)
  • Dissertation

Students accepted onto the doctoral programme can also be ordered to complete supplementary studies of up to 30 ECTS that are not included in the degree.

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Study Guide 2019: Doctoral of Military Sciences Degree