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Green Campus

Green Campus is the National Defence University’s environmental programme with a goal of continuously reducing the environmental load and consumption of natural resources caused by the University’s activities.  According to the principles of Green Campus, the carrying capacity of the environment is taken into account in all aspects of the planning and implementation of activities.

The objectives of the National Defence University’s Green Campus programme for the period 2021-2022 include:

1. Raising the environmental consciousness of the staff and students
2. Reducing waste and improving sorting
3. Increasing consumption consciousness and decreasing energy consumption

To attain these goals, the National Defence University has launched a set of concrete environmental measures.

The reduction of waste starts with enabling the recycling and sorting of waste first in the classrooms and offices and then, in the accommodation premises on the campus.  The NDU takes care that materiel, including office appliances and furniture no longer used is recycled appropriately.  The quantity of food waste is also monitored in cooperation with Leijona Catering. 

When it comes to consumption consciousness and reducing energy consumption, the goals of Green Campus are consistent with the sustainable development theses of the Finnish Council of University Rectors, UNIFI which require the universities in its guidance to be carbon neutral by 2030.  The NDU takes part in the universities’ common carbon footprint calculation project, which will enable comparing results and learning from others in the future. The National Defence University has taken into use an energy consumption calculation system and a carbon footprint calculator for monitoring energy consumption on the campus.  The goal is to turn consumption into a downward trend by 2022.