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Heritage Association

The National Defence University's Heritage Association strives to upkeep and develop the traditions of officer education and to increase a sense of belonging among university personnel.

The association also functions as an alumni organisation.

The association collects objects related to officer education for the benefit of future generations and organises events and trips that raise awareness of traditions. The association has a display room in Ritaritalo, one of the buildings on Santahamina Campus.

The Heritage Display Room

The traditional room has a long u-shaped table and there are pictures, mannequins and objects behind the glasses at the edges of the room.

There is a display room showcasing the 200-year history and development of Finnish officer education in Ritaritalo, Santahamina Campus.

So as to reach as wide an audience as possible, the display room also functions as a meeting room and is used almost daily to hold meetings, presentations and lessons.

The Heritage Association's board and officers


Archivist Katja Jokinen, tel. 0299 530 109, [email protected]


Vice-chairman, LTC Timo Siponen
MA Harri Huusko
PhD Nils Meinander
Licentiate of Science (Techn.) Juhani Talvela
Secretary Hilkka Palmu
Deputies Juhani Parkkari
PhD (Military Science) Johanna Anttonen


Secretary: Hannele Kokki, NDU/Department of Academic Affairs, tel. 0299 530 205, [email protected]
Treasurer: Sari Valonen, NDU/Department of Academic Affairs
Auditor: Jaakko Latva-Pukkila, NDU HQ