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Entrance examination will take place from 11 May to 15 June 2020

National Defence University
Publication date 30.4.2020 10.10
Press release

The entrance examination for admission to the National Defence University’s Bachelor of Military Science Degree studies will take place mainly by remote connection arrangements between 11 May and 15 June 2020. The decision ensures a safe and equal entrance examination for all applicants.

The National Defence University’s entrance examination for admission to the Army Programme, the Navy Programme’s Naval and Coastal Forces Specialisations and  the Air Force Programme  of the 107th Cadet and 90th Naval Cadet Courses will take place between 11 May and 15 June 2020. 

The material-based test and psychological tests will be carried out between 12 - 15 May. Each applicant will be separately notified of the time and date of his/her personal interview and physical fitness test.  All the sections of the entrance examination with the exception of the physical fitness test and the psychological tests of Swedish-speaking applicants will be carried out by remote connection arrangements. 

The safety of the applicants will be seen to and the risk of infection reduced by carrying out the physical fitness tests by testing sufficiently small groups at a time.  The running tests will be organised at several different locations with ten persons at most participating in a test at a time.  You are not allowed to participate in the test if you have the flu or are otherwise sick. 

In case of illness, applicants have been instructed to get duly in touch with health care professionals and the National Defence University’s Department of Academic Affairs.    

Department of Academic Affairs: 
Tel. +358 299 530 220
WhatsApp 0299 530 318 (week days 8.00–16.00)
[email protected]