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Courses for NORDEFCO members 

This page contains information on courses offered to NORDEFCO members as part of the collaboration. All courses are part of the Finnish Master in Military Sciences degree.
As part of the NORDEFCO collaboration Finnish National Defence Univeristy offers part of the master's program for English speaking students from NORDEFCO countries.

To apply for a course you should first contact your own educational organization.

Courses in English


Why attend

Military forces often fail to protect civilians from physical violence, even when providing protection is their key objective. Avoiding collateral damage is no longer enough to protect civilians in armed conflict. Military forces must sometimes counter armed groups that target civilians and tailor their operations to deter, coerce, or destroy the perpetrators’ will and ability to attack civilians. Military forces must reduce the threat to civilians in any type of operations, whether in defence of national integrity or in protecting non-combattants from violent perpetrators in armed conflicts.

Understanding the threats to civilians is key to better protect them from violence. Threats to civilians vary greatly; from genocide to mob violence. The utility of force to protect varies accordingly. Course provides a systematic approach to threat analysis, planning, implementation, and assessment of military operations to protect civilians.