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Organisation of National Defence University's entrance examinations in spring 2021

National Defence University
Publication date 15.3.2021 14.13 | Published in English on 18.3.2021 at 11.13
Press release

In spring 2021, the National Defence University will arrange entrance examinations for admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Military Science and the Master's Degree in Military Science, Executive Assistance Programme.

The selections will be made in accordance with the principles described in the selection guide and on the websites and Applicants will be invited to the entrance exam based on pre-selection.

Due to the coronavirus situation, changes may still be made in the way the entrance exams or parts of them are implemented. Those invited to the entrance exam will be informed on any matters related to the entrance exams both directly and via the webpages and 

Applicants are advised to read the guidelines regarding entrance examinations provided by the Universities Finland UNIFI. 

Links to UNIFI bulletins: 
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