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Preparation Instructions

Ordering Hat and Sword

In the Doctoral Degree Ceremony the doctors receive the official right to carry the doctoral hat and sword. The hat and the sword are necessary in the ceremonies.

The National Defence University will see to procuring the hats and swords of the honorary doctors.

Doctoral Hat
In the Doctoral Degree Ceremony the conferred must have their own doctoral hat, with the colours of a Doctor of Military Sciences.

The promovendi will order their own hats. We recommend that you order the hat well in advance because time of delivery for the handmade, made-to-order hats is several months.

In the Doctoral Degree Ceremony all of those being conferred a degree must have a sword. Each university has their own emblem for the swords.

Buying one’s own sword is not absolutely necessary, because the National Defence University prepares to lend a sword for the person who conferred a degree for the duration of the Doctoral Degree Ceremony events.

Accommodations and Transportation

The National Defence University will see to the accommodation and transportation arrangements of the Doctors Honoris Causa. They have the opportunity to stay in the Hotel Grand Marina should they choose to do so.

The doctors being conferred a degree and others participating in the festivities will arrange their own accommodations. We recommend that you reserve accommodations in the Helsinki centre so that you can take advantage of the bus transportation arranged for the events.

Transportation will be arranged according to a separate transportation plan that will be drawn up later.